Samstag, 8. Februar 2014

Bilingual Herb Walks & Cook Events in the Rhein Main Area


  Chef Peter Becker, owner of the Knottyfood Manufactory and head of the "Wildkräuter Werkstatt" of three local schools in Wiesbaden, is offering herbwalks and cook workshops to teach all basic knowledge to identify and prepare edible wild plants.                            As the founder of NewTritionInk he will open a new chapter in your victual conventions and nutritional understanding.



Try his Acorn Burger with Relish of Japanese Knotweed,                                                 an ice cream made of dandelion root and his renowned                                           Cordon Bleu of Öyster Mushrooms with Hatomugi Sauce.


His events may take place in various locations in Wiesbaden Klarenthal, or if you`d like to offer a special dinner on the occasion of a birthday or family celebration and get to know the gastronomic botany of your neighbourhood, he will prepare a six course wildfood speciality meal with your guests in the comfort of your own kitchen.

His regular schedule is blogged here: Newsletter

For an individual offer and menu selection send your inquiry to:

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