Sonntag, 31. Mai 2009

Nettle Jam; the Stinging Nettle Marmalade

Introducing a Stinging Nettle Jam is the revolution on your breakfast table !

Compared to most commercial jams and marmalades made from fruit that would`ve been much healthier raw without all the sugar, most of us wouldn`t eat Stinging Nettles raw, right ?
Nettle Jam is the easiest way to add this tremendously healthy plant to your diet plan.
Especially the fact that leave vegetables are the food group most diet plans lack and the overall availability of Urtica dioica as a regional food source, the nutritional benefit of the nettle, it`s great taste and the grant opportunity to participate in the sustainable foodchange by adapting and promoting such, mostly neglected, food plants.
It`s really simple to prepare your own Nettle Jam.
Blend 100 g of nettle tips with 150 ml of apple juice to a pesto-like consistency. Now add 100 g Jelly Sugar and a pinch of AgarAgar gelling powder.
Cook for 4 min and fill into sterile glasses.

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Now enjoy the Karaoke Video of the Nettle Jam Rap; my new project DJ Wildfood; to master the dry theory of plant identification in the trojan horse of song lyrics.

Chef de Cucina Futuristica
Peter Becker