Samstag, 8. Februar 2014

Bilingual Herb Walks & Cook Events in the Rhein Main Area


  Chef Peter Becker, owner of the Knottyfood Manufactory and head of the "Wildkräuter Werkstatt" of three local schools in Wiesbaden, is offering herbwalks and cook workshops to teach all basic knowledge to identify and prepare edible wild plants.                            As the founder of NewTritionInk he will open a new chapter in your victual conventions and nutritional understanding.



Try his Acorn Burger with Relish of Japanese Knotweed,                                                 an ice cream made of dandelion root and his renowned                                           Cordon Bleu of Öyster Mushrooms with Hatomugi Sauce.


His events may take place in various locations in Wiesbaden Klarenthal, or if you`d like to offer a special dinner on the occasion of a birthday or family celebration and get to know the gastronomic botany of your neighbourhood, he will prepare a six course wildfood speciality meal with your guests in the comfort of your own kitchen.

His regular schedule is blogged here: Newsletter

For an individual offer and menu selection send your inquiry to:

Samstag, 26. Oktober 2013

Blog of NewTritionInk

Cucina Futuristica is the english Blog of NewTritionInk.
In the 1990`s when I was working as a chef in the southeastern United States, I started writing the concept of my Cucina Futuristica. Back then I called it the Twentyfirst Century Cuisine and I started talking about NewTrition. The goal was to develope an independent point of view, about what a sustainable food pattern could be. I figured that something went wrong at that point of human evolution when our interlect interacted with our instincts, we began to eat a lot of trash.
So I formulated the "Bionic Foodchoice" - what would we eat if instincts would bundle our food packages ?  
Writing a new chapter in nutritional understanding couldn´t possibly be better pronounced than NewTritionInk.
Through the years of furthering my education I became a cooktrainer and a nutritional counseler and specialized on edible wild plants.
Besides being employed as a cook I started organizing herb walks to help foraging beginners to master plant identification und cooking events to teach the basics about the preperation of wild plant food.

Very soon I learned that certain foreign weeds posed a major thread to our native biodiversity, such as Japanes Knotweed. Research showed that the only mention about this invasive plant was, what herbicide best works to kill it. And I learned that in 20 countries of the northern hemisphere this weed was eradicated with massive amounts of poison, even along rivers.
Nobody seemed to know about it`s nutritional value and culinary properties.
So in 2005 I initiated the Bionic Control of Japanese Knotweed, opened the Knottyfood Manufactory - introducing inasive plant species to our diet plan. I developed a counteract to the chemical eradication of Japanese Knotweed by producing Jam and Relish from it`s stalks, to show how delicious this plant is.
Better take a healthy bite out of the knotweed invasion than senselessly destroy it !

Meanwhile I am working with several noxious weeds.
My last seminar in August was about the Indian Balsam - Impatients glandulifera which is virtually unknown as being edible. I`ve been producing jelly from it`s flowers, since 2007. 
Further Infos about "Nature Conservation with fork & Knife" - The Taste of Invasive Species, an Event at Urania, Berlin. Link

There will be posts in the future about my Wildfood Workshops - introducing edible wild plants as the most biological, seasonal and regional foodsource available. 
I like to show, as an example, how Dandelion offers us 3 different foodsources by preparing a layer cake with its bottom layer seasoned with sirup made of the dandy root, the filling made of a delicious creme of dandy leaves and the topping a crust seasoned with dandelion flowers.
And of course I will post all activities of my "Agenda of Food Rescue" to prevent food waste.

Greetings from the Knottyfood Capitol of the World
Peter Becker
Wiesbaden, Germany
October 2013 

Sonntag, 31. Mai 2009

Nettle Jam; the Stinging Nettle Marmalade

Introducing a Stinging Nettle Jam is the revolution on your breakfast table !

Compared to most commercial jams and marmalades made from fruit that would`ve been much healthier raw without all the sugar, most of us wouldn`t eat Stinging Nettles raw, right ?
Nettle Jam is the easiest way to add this tremendously healthy plant to your diet plan.
Especially the fact that leave vegetables are the food group most diet plans lack and the overall availability of Urtica dioica as a regional food source, the nutritional benefit of the nettle, it`s great taste and the grant opportunity to participate in the sustainable foodchange by adapting and promoting such, mostly neglected, food plants.
It`s really simple to prepare your own Nettle Jam.
Blend 100 g of nettle tips with 150 ml of apple juice to a pesto-like consistency. Now add 100 g Jelly Sugar and a pinch of AgarAgar gelling powder.
Cook for 4 min and fill into sterile glasses.

In case you rather purchase Nettle Jam visit the Online Shop of my Knottyfood Manufactory at:

Now enjoy the Karaoke Video of the Nettle Jam Rap; my new project DJ Wildfood; to master the dry theory of plant identification in the trojan horse of song lyrics.

Chef de Cucina Futuristica
Peter Becker